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What do we offer?

Total Industrial’s unique 4-geared sales & marketing process is designed to do 3 main things:

Promote your brand

Build key relationships

Increase your opportunities

Our strategic approach is lasered focused on supporting distributors, general contractors, manufacturers, and property management firms. Our main goal is become a valuable resource to our clients who utilize our resources to support both their cap-ex projects and ongoing maintenance needs.

Total Industrial

Who do we partner with?

Total Industrial partners with two types of companies.

1st type – Industrial companies who does not have a sales & marketing department

2nd type – Industrial companies who need additional assistance in one of four areas of service


Social Media

Inside Sales

Outside Sales

Our partners include but are not limited to:


General Contractors


Software Development Firms

Which industries do we support?

Total Industrial is solely focused on the industrial market. We have supported new construction projects and manufacturing facilities within the automotive, chemical, pulp & paper, food/beverage, aerospace, packaging and many more.

Our team is consistently evaluating expansions and new construction projects in the industrial market. Our main goal is to become a resource to either the general contractor or manufacturing plant or facility where all the work is performed.

Total Industrial

Which areas do we service?

Total Industrial can service new construction, industrial, and manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. We enable our partners to expand their reach and to connect to key decision makers throughout the country. Whether it is new construction projects, expansions, or maintenance services, the team at Total Industrial is a valuable resource to our partners and clients.

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